WordPress SEO Presentation

WordPress SEO Presentation

So last night I went to a Drupal Meetup to talk about options and plugins for WordPress for better SEO.

Wait… Drupal?

It was a combined meeting of the Fox Valley Computing Professionals Meetup and the Fox Valley Drupal Meetup. The focus was on SEO and how to optimize CMS systems like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Gary Ricke kicked things off with an SEO overview, some best practices, and how to find areas for improvement when doing an SEO audit on a site. Mike Creuzer talked about some Joomla extensions to boost SEO. Bob Snodgrass followed that with the same for Drupal.

Joe Vangsness gave a quick walk-through of some of his favorite external SEO tools, including MOZ Analytics, Open Site Explorer, Screaming Frog, and GetListed.org.

I gave an overview of how WordPress, frameworks and plugins can all be used to improve your site’s SEO.

It was interesting to see how each CMS has its own version of SEO add-ons like sitemap generators, custom HTML titles or 301 redirects.

I’ll fully admit that I’m a lot bit biased to the WordPress side, but in my opinion WordPress has the basic SEO mechanics baked right into it. Given its popularity and history as a blogging platform that makes sense.

Here are my slides from the presentation. This talk was one of five and was a part of the overall presentation so it’s purpose is more of a reference guide to SEO for WordPress.

[slideshare id=30343078&doc=wordpressandseo-140123063436-phpapp02&w=600]

(Photo by Gemma Bardsley)

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